Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Incredible Ice Cream Cake

Just what is it about an ice cream cake that makes people crave it? Maybe it’s the perfect balance between cake, ice cream, and frosting, all sweet and chilled in the freezer. It could also be the fact that you can enjoy your two favorite birthday celebration desserts—cake and ice cream—in a single delicious serving. For whatever reason, ice cream cakes seem to have made the transition from exciting new fad to established favorite dessert in the United States.

The CEO of the popular ice cream maker Baskin-Robbins says that its ice cream cake line is one of its leading sellers, and plans to develop it further if possible. You can find the cakes in freezers at nearly any ice cream shop, or order them custom-made. The new tradition has also taken hold in another country, Australia, where ice cream enthusiasts look forward to June 6. Queensland Day, the official birthday of the province of Queensland, is marked each year by a brand new, limited-edition ice cream cake made by a popular ice cream company.

As you may have already guessed, it’s not necessary to go to your local ice cream shop in order to serve one of these delicious cakes at your next party. In fact, there are many reasons to make one yourself. If you have enough preparation time, you can make an incredible cake layered with your family’s favorite homemade ice cream flavors. For a quick version that’s still delicious, pick up two pints of your preferred brand (or combination of brands) from the grocery store.

Our ice cream cake recipe has all the direction you need to put together a fantastic cake. Decorate it however you like, but we suggest using toppings that you would normally put on an ice cream sundae. Before you begin, make sure there is room in your freezer; there’s nothing worse than building a masterpiece of an ice cream cake and then letting it melt all over the counter while you rush to clear the freezer out!

Whether you make your own or pick up one of the legendary Carvel’s or Baskin-Robbins cakes, you’ll be glad you made this delicious tradition part of your family. In fact, why not begin celebrating Queensland Day, even if you don’t live in Australia? Any excuse to get an ice cream cake sounds good to us.


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