Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is that Ice Cream Illegal?

It probably seems to you like it would take quite a lot of effort to make something like chocolate ice cream politically controversial. It’s one of the two top ice cream flavors, along with vanilla, and people all over the world love it. A small ice cream manufacturer in California, though, is churning up a batch of chocolate, cinnamon, and politics that might spark a few arguments about immigration—or help bring people together on the issue!

Grocery store customers in California enjoy buying ice cream made by the company “Three Twins.” As a San Francisco-based company, Three Twins was understandably excited about the Giants’ World Series championship this past fall. Looking to capitalize on the victory with a new ice cream flavor, advertisers hit upon a headline-grabbing idea for chocolate ice cream, sparked by a bold statement by one of the Giants’ star pitchers.
During the Giants’ victory parade, pitcher Sergio Romo wore a black T-shirt with the words “I only look illegal” printed in white. A descendant of migrant workers from Mexico, Romo wanted to emphasize that it is dangerous to make assumptions about a person’s legal or illegal immigration status on the basis of their appearance. Three Twins wants to turn Romo’s statement into a marketing campaign, placing an idea on the Web publicly and asking for Romo’s approval.

The package for Three Twins’ proposed Mexican chocolate ice cream flavor would include Romo’s face, a Mexican-decorated baseball, and the words “It only tastes illegal.” Romo fans and pro-immigration activists would presumably line up to buy the ice cream, as well as anyone who thinks the combination of chocolate and cinnamon in ice cream form sounds absolutely delicious.

You don’t have to wait to see if Sergio Romo is willing to lend his face to Three Twins’ ice cream before enjoying cinnamon chocolate ice cream. The combination creates a unique sweet and spicy flavor, the perfect conclusion to taco night or a Mexican-themed social event. Just add cinnamon to our fantastic chocolate ice cream recipe according to your taste, and enjoy your very own Mexican treat—with immigration arguments optional.

Is it a good idea for Three Twins to insert itself into the immigration debate with its proposed ice cream flavor? Would it be a good move for Romo to become a public spokesman for Mexican migrant workers? Call us selfish, but if it means that cinnamon chocolate ice cream will become a more popular flavor, we say yes!

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