Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Truck, Please!

Who doesn’t remember scrambling to find some loose change, running outside, and flagging down the ice cream truck before it passed the house? We always said that we would get the money together beforehand next time, but that never really happened, of course.  The next time we heard that familiar music coming down the street, it would be the same story and the same mad search for quarters and dimes.

Too bad we didn’t grow up in the technology age! In a world where it seems like you can do almost anything with smartphones and mobile devices, even the old tradition of the summer ice cream truck has not escaped a digital makeover. Within the next few years, those with a craving for ice cream may be able to conjure up a truck in front of their house with the touch of a button.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month (that was July, in case you missed it), the app developer Uber created a temporary ice cream truck app. The company already operates similar services for taxi cabs, which allow users to call a cab to their location and pay their fare on their phones. The ice cream truck version worked just the same way, dispatching a colorful truck full of goodies straight to your house at your request.

Sorry, though—you won’t be able to download the app right now. It was a one-day experiment by Uber, but if the company decides that there was sufficient interest in the app, it may take the idea further. Just think—buying ice cream from your favorite truck might soon be just as convenient as ordering a pizza. No more waiting around until the truck shows up on your street, and best of all, no frantic scrounging to turn up a few more nickels before the music fades away!

There’s another way to ensure that there is always access to ice cream in your neighborhood: Start your own ice cream truck business! By the time you get your enterprise up and running, apps like the one that Uber tried out might be available to help you expand your business quickly. Combine that with all of the valuable information on our website, and starting your own small business will begin to look more and more possible.

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