Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Italy's Ice Cream Museum

If you happen to have a family trip to Europe scheduled, you now have the opportunity to make your love for ice cream a big part of it. Most ice cream lovers are aware of the uniquely European cousin of ice cream—gelato—but a new ice cream museum in Italy will give you a thoroughly informative and enjoyable education about it.

Even if someone in your family, for some strange reason, isn’t excited about ice cream itself, the nostalgia and antiques that fill this museum hold interest for all sorts of people. Italians have been making, selling, buying, and experimenting with frozen desserts for centuries, and the history documented at this museum is as much about the development of culture as of ice cream. When you walk through the halls of the ice cream museum near Bologna, Italy, you’ll journey from the 1000s all the way to the present.

At the end of that long trip, you’ll probably have a craving for some ice cream of your own, but don’t worry—there are some very interesting offerings for sale at the end of the tour, and for a little more money you can even make your own! Because the museum is closely connected with a school, students and teachers alike are eager to see what visitors think of their most recent projects.

The company that operates the new museum is Carpigiani, a giant in the Italian gelato industry. While European-style desserts have the spotlight in most of the exhibits, there are also plenty of displays devoted to ice cream types around the world. You’ll be fascinated to see how those in other cultures view the ice cream that we Americans love so much!

If you just can’t wait until your European tour to find out how ice cream got to where it is today, you can brush up on your ice creamhistory on our website. It’s a fascinating story, and as you will find out, there are plenty of mysteries woven into it. Once you have gotten a taste of this sweet knowledge, you will probably be even more excited about visiting the Bologna ice cream museum.

Or, if a trip to Europe just isn’t in your short-term plans, keep a sharp eye out for a similar museum to open in a city near you. With ice cream more popular than ever, and attractions like ice cream trails opening in dairy farming states, some great museums can’t be far away!

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