Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your Craving and Your Diet CAN Be Friends

Whether you’re going through a bad breakup, celebrating a birthday, or topping off the perfect backyard barbeque, it seems like ice cream just matches every occasion perfectly! During the warm months, you can easily enjoy ice cream a few times in a week, without even really noticing how much you’re consuming. But if the state of your waistline is a priority to you, you would do well to take a closer look at just how your favorite dessert is affecting it! There are some solutions—low fat ice cream being one of the main ones—that will allow you to continue to indulge without adding pounds as well.

Low Fat Ice Cream

Low fat doesn’t necessarily mean low flavor any more. Understanding that their customers have a high standard when it comes to flavor, ice cream manufacturers have gone to great lengths to provide great ice cream with less fat. One major advance is the development of “churned” ice cream, which is processed in a way that fluffs up the ice cream with air. It tastes exactly the same as the stuff you’re used to eating, but the addition of air means that you’re actually eating less total ice cream. Therefore—less fat!

Give FroYo a Try

If you want an alternative to even low fat ice cream, step into one of those new frozen yogurt shops. There’s sure to be one in your town; they’re popping up everywhere! In fact, your kids might transfer their allegiance from ice cream to froyo once they see the elaborate mix-in and topping bars that some of these shops offer. Of course, you can also take some home for the freezer to prepare for those unpredictable crave emergencies.

Make Your Own

Since you know your own tastes best, perhaps you are the best candidate to create a low fat ice cream that you will love. Our website has all the info you need to make your own ice cream that is low in calories but high in the kind of flavors that you crave. Add your choice of fruit, low-fat candy, nuts, syrups, or coffee to our low fat base, and you will have a dessert that you can serve your family and yourself on any occasion. Three events deserving of ice cream in one week? No problem. Your diet will remain intact, and your ice cream craving will be satisfied.

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