Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paying for College With Ice Cream

There are a few different ways to fund a college education. Some parents start saving when their kids are very young, and by the time college comes around, the costs are already taken care of. Many more people, though, take the student loan route, counting on a future job to pay the bills. Some college-bound girls in Connecticut came up with a more creative option: They started their own ice cream business!

While brainstorming ideas for coming up with college tuition money, the girls realized that they didn’t see ice cream trucks very often in their neighborhoods. Hey, an ice cream truck is far better than a lemonade stand, and with a little elbow grease, the brand new venture was in business. The girls got their hands on an old, bona fide ice cream truck and decorated it with their young company’s name: College Creamery. After stocking it with delicious treats, waiting for a hot day, and cruising the streets, College Creamery was on its way to sending its owners to college, one sale at a time.

An ice cream business like this one is ideal for seasonal or temporary work because it doesn’t require rental space and you don’t have to hire many employees. It’s a simple business that can still reap significant profits, especially if you have the financial and management skills to make the most of your opportunities. These girls obviously have both: In addition to funding their own degrees, they contribute part of their profits to local charities that benefit education.

As a food vendor, an ice cream truck is subject to local regulations, and the owner has to have adequate insurance. There’s a little expense involved in getting a truck and the right equipment inside it, but with a little looking around your area, you can probably find a great deal. Guess where you can find all the information you need to get started? You guessed it—our website is the source for the ice cream business entrepreneur.

Another advantage of owning an ice cream truck? It’s fun! Imagine the smiles on the faces of kids in this Connecticut town when they finally see a colorful truck filled with ice cream driving down their street again. The truck has become very popular, and who knows what will happen when the girls actually go off to college. Will some other high-school students be ready to take up the job of dishing out the desserts? If so, they have quite a summer ahead of them!

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