Monday, July 2, 2012

Any Excuse to Eat Ice Cream is a Good One

It seems like every time we turn around there is a national day, week, month, or fortnight dedicated to ice cream. Well, now you have a 30-day-long reason to eat your favorite cold, creamy treat: July is officially National Ice Cream Month in the United States, and don’t let any other month tell you differently later in the year. As you might expect, ice cream shops, manufacturers, trucks, and other businesses are taking advantage of the event to promote new flavors and products. Schools, churches, and charities are planning special events all over the country—some of them might even be right around the corner from your house! Here are just a few of the ways that your fellow ice cream fans are celebrating this month:

New Flavors

Folks in the southern U.S. love their Blue Bell ice cream. For National Ice Cream Month, the company has released Summer Strawberry Pie, following a number of other strawberry-themed flavors. At Dairy Queen, you can tackle a Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard, which looks like someone simply cleared the shelves of a candy store into your cup. Yogurt is figuring prominently this year, with organic yogurt maker Stonyfield offering fruit-flavored ice cream alternatives and Ben and Jerry’s releasing a line of Greek yogurt flavors filled with their signature candy, nut, and cookie pieces.

Parties and Socials

The original National Ice Cream Month proclamation, made by President Reagan in 1984, encourages American citizens to observe it by participating in activities and ceremonies appropriate to the occasion—in other words, it’s permission straight from the White House to pig out on ice cream. Countless corner ice cream shops are offering special deals and even free scoops; there are homemade ice cream contests to be entered; and state fairs everywhere are featuring ice cream treats. Find an event near you and follow the President’s order: Celebrate!

Host Your Own Party

Make the dog days of summer more bearable by hosting a National Ice Cream Month party. Feature homemade ice cream, and visit our information-packed web page on ice cream parties to get additional ideas. If you have a circle of ice cream enthusiasts, you can make the event an incredible one by having some semi-serious competition: an ice cream recipe contest; ice cream trivia games; or how about this—a blind taste test for those who brag about their ice cream identification skills.

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