Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The New World’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae

This year’s spring fundraiser at Serrano Intermediate School (Orange County, California) was a little different. The organizers weren’t looking forward to pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and trying to sell stuff to their neighbors. In the current tough economy, those kinds of efforts don’t bring the results they used to anyway. So they came up with a sweet new idea—why not make a World Record attempt instead?

Serrano Intermediate School targeted the “world’s longest ice cream sundae” record, currently held by the students of Webster University. That record was set just a few weeks ago, in early April, with a monstrous 200-foot-long sundae. With their eyes on the prize, Serrano Intermediate’s students and staff began assembling the materials with the help of generous local companies.

Dreyer’s donated the all-important component: fifty gallons of sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream! Other items were needed too, however; Home Depot gave the school enough plastic rain gutter length to hold the record-breaking treat. The final piece of the puzzle finally arrived on the big day: about 400 people armed with ice cream scoops. For a little less than an hour, the volunteers worked to build the new world’s largest ice cream sundae—breaking the two-week-old record by 22 feet. It wouldn’t be a sundae without plenty of delicious toppings, so the workers tossed in sprinkles, cookies, sauces, and other tasty treats. We imagine the completed sundae didn’t survive very long, with 400 hungry ice cream lovers standing around!

Reporters from the Orange County Register were on hand to document the event, posting video and photos of the amazing sundae on their website. Officials from the school did their own documentation work as well, producing a video that will go to the Guinness Book of World Records for verification. If the editors approve it and no other ambitious group builds a longer sundae, Serrano Intermediate School will enter the next edition of the record book.

Inspired to make your own ice cream sundae? Maybe you don’t have the resources to try for the longest record, but “most delicious” just may be within reach! To get you started, we’ve provided a page with fun ideas, advice and some really creative sundae recipes submitted by our fans. Try them out on your family, or submit your own recipe idea! We’d love to see how you are pushing the boundaries of the ice cream sundae. 

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