Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Americans Need Their Ice Cream

Did your family buy a lot of ice cream last year? If so, you can feel good about a new report about 2011 ice cream sales in the U.S. Packaged Facts, a group that researches trends in food sales, says that the market for ice cream (including frozen treats) increased by almost 2.5 percent last year, for a whopping total of over $25 billion. That’s a lot of ice cream!

Why such a significant jump in ice cream sales? We’d like to think it’s because our great blog has been inspiring millions of Americans to go out and buy their favorite flavor each time they visit it. The report didn’t mention that, though. It did note the fact that ice cream has always been a “comfort food,” and during these difficult economic circumstances more people than ever before are looking for a way to curl up on the couch and forget their troubles for a while. What takes your mind off your thinly stretched budget like a bowl of rocky road?

This increase in ice cream sales and the projected further increase in 2012 are in spite of the fact that an incredible 92 percent of American homes already buy ice cream, either from one of the few national brands or from a treasured local source. That means there are very few people who have yet to be converted into ice cream buyers. A big part of the growth is due to the increasing popularity of frozen yogurt and other non-dairy desserts. As more ice cream options hit the market, families that already love ice cream are willing to spend a little more money and try something new.

The robust nature of the ice cream market in today’s economy could mean a little more for you personally if you are a business-minded person. Why not look into getting a chunk of that $25 billion for yourself? Driving your own ice cream truck during the summer is a great way to replace idle hours with cash. We even have a page with tons of information about building your own ice cream business plan. If you are looking for an industry that is thriving while others suffer, ice cream sales may be just the ticket.

In the meantime, we hope that by providing this article, we’ve done our part to drive the 2012 numbers for ice cream even higher. Caramel syrup on that rocky road, anyone?

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