Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Tastiest iPhone Yet!

If you’re a tech head, you’re probably scanning the horizon for the first sign of the next generation of one of America’s best known gadgets: the iPhone 5. You probably have plenty of ideas that could improve the iPhone over its current version, but we’re guessing the following story will still surprise you.

If you wander the streets of a city in China, you are likely to find a small package labeled “iPhone 5,” decorated with a photo of an iPhone with a lovely background screen. You didn’t know the iPhone 5 was for sale yet? Open up the foil wrapper and you will quickly realize what is going on. Instead of an electronic gadget, you’ll find a delicious, mango-flavored ice cream bar!

The ice cream bar is shaped like Apple’s representative symbol and has been described by some intrigued buyers as looking a little like a fried egg—yellow in the middle and white around the outside. Fruit-flavored ice cream is very popular in China, as are electronics. Apparently, marketers somewhere decided it would be a great idea to combine the two. On this blog site, you can see for yourself what this interesting dessert looks like, although you won’t be able to get your hands on it without taking a quick trip to China.

But aren’t there copyright issues with calling an ice cream bar an “iPhone 5”? Those marketers certainly did their homework before taking their bold step. As it turns out, Apple only copyrighted their phone’s brand name in certain industries. Apparently they didn’t anticipate needing to protect their brand in the field of ice cream! If this tasty, although slightly deceptive, ice cream treat became popular around the world, we might look for a lawsuit of some kind from Apple. For now, though, shoppers in China will probably be seeing lots of people with furrowed brows looking at the brand new iPhone 5 and wondering why it is kept in the freezer case.

Inspired to create your own creative ice cream masterpiece? At your next birthday party or entertainment event, you can shape ice cream into a dessert that both tastes and looks spectacular. Just one example is theice cream dessert flower bouquet. Capture the look of spring with cookies planted in some delicious ice cream dirt—it’s not an iPhone 5, but your guests will love it just the same.

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