Thursday, March 8, 2012

Local Ice Cream Shop Keeps Things Simple and Sweet

In the heart of the nation’s dairy capitol, a little shop in Milwaukee is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversary in April. This ice cream shop is a little bit different from your local chain, and you won’t find their products stocked on grocery store shelves in your town. That’s because they are sticking to their original small business plan—hand-mixing, hand-packing, and serving ice cream to their loyal local customers. If you want to get a taste of Purple Door Ice Cream (and make no mistake—you will want to), you’ll have to make a special trip to their little parlor in Wisconsin.
Purple Door Ice Cream
A lot of kids dream about opening their own ice cream shop, but Lauren Schultz actually got to do it when she grew up! Last spring, Purple Door began selling pints of ice cream made from fresh, local dairy to walk-in customers as well as stores and restaurants around town. Folks who are fortunate enough to live within range of Lauren’s shop can’t get enough of her creamy, delicious ice cream with the homemade touch.
You won’t find a big industrial operation going on in the back of this ice cream shop. Just a 2.5-gallon ice cream mixer and a guy scooping the day’s flavor into pint containers. That flavor varies based on what fresh ingredients are available at the moment, and what special requests customers might make. Their cinnamon flavor is one of their most popular, but they’ve also branched out to experiment with a bacon variety. Salty and sweet, anyone? Joining a trend that’s gaining traction among adventurous dessert lovers, they also offer fresh basil ice cream during the summer.
Lauren Schultz and her husband, Steve, got their ice cream business started off on the right foot. Before diving in, they took the time to get a business education through a four-month program and designed a solid small business plan. Their foresight has paid off; less than a year after opening the doors, Purple Door is joining with another local shop to expand their space and their offerings—novelties and ice cream cakes are on the way!
So if you’re in Milwaukee any time soon, don’t leave without stopping in to the Purple Door for some real homemade ice cream mixed from the best dairy on earth. Whether the day’s special is blueberry buttermilk, salted caramel, or green tea, you’re sure to become an instant fan! And if you've been inspired to try your hand at opening your own local ice cream shop, you can get started by checking out our information on ice cream business plans.

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