Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We All Bark For Ice Cream!

If you live in Maryland, you might want to take a little extra cash with you on your dog-walking excursions this summer. That’s because there is a new ice cream truck business that caters exclusively to dogs! The Doggie Ice Cream Truck will be making the rounds in Baltimore, dishing out ice cream for dogs, other treats, water, and even a few toys. If your dog has a sweet tooth, he is sure to quickly recognize this colorful truck and start asking for ice cream as only a dog can.

You didn’t know there was ice cream for dogs, you say? The truck’s owners are offering four different dog-friendly flavors: banana, blueberry, molasses, and peanut butter. You can probably already guess which one of those would be your dog’s particular favorite. Even if you have a picky eater on your hands, there will certainly be something on the Doggie Ice Cream Truck to delight him.

The developers of this idea own a day care service for dogs in Baltimore, and have always thought about creating an ice cream truck for their animal friends. When they heard of similar projects in the U.K. and California, they figured it was time to give Baltimore canines the experience of barking their heads off when they heard the ice cream truck up the street. Dog owners won’t have to wait long to introduce their dogs to a favorite summer tradition: the Doggie Ice Cream Truck is set to start driving routes any day now. Throughout the season, it will be a prominent feature at any public event that focuses on pets. Neighborhoods with a large dog population can also expect to become familiar with the truck’s signature music/barking broadcast mix.

The head of this project outfitted his own vehicle, decorating it with happy-looking pups chilling out with some ice cream for dogs. He’s treating this season as a test run, and if it’s a success, he plans to launch another truck as well.

Think this sounds like a great idea? If you have wondered what is involved in starting your own ice cream truck business, our website is a great place to begin your research. There, you can gather important information on business plans, franchising, and equipment, as well as check out some cool ice cream truck designs. You, too, could be spending the summer serving up delicious ice cream for dogs or people!

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