Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now That’s a Sweet Deal: 28-Year-Old Ice Cream Coupon Is Still Good!

Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream in Billings, Montana, has a long-standing tradition of giving each new mother in the town a food coupon for ice cream when their baby is born. It’s a valuable coupon, too; mothers can redeem it for a 5-quart container of Wilcoxson’s delicious vanilla or two smaller containers of whatever flavors they crave. This practice has made the ice cream shop quite popular in Billings, and strollers are a very common sight around the local store.

There was no stroller, though, when Mrs. Ruffatto brought in her coupon for some free ice cream, although she did take along her son. That’s because her son was now 28 years old! The long delayed trip to Wilcoxson’s wasn’t wasted; without raising an eyebrow, the clerk accepted the very old ice cream coupon and traded it for some tasty cookie dough ice cream.

As all new parents know, things tend to be a little scattered when the family first returns home from the hospital. The ice cream coupon, which arrived in the mail along with many other local coupons from friendly businesses, just got swept into storage and forgotten about. Fortunately, though, Mrs. Ruffatto confesses to being somewhat of a packrat, and sure enough, the coupon turned up again almost thirty years later.

Wilcoxson’s great new mother coupon program is a fantastic customer service policy, and one that they have been using since 1968. Who knows—maybe someone will show up with a forgotten coupon from that year? One can only guess how much free ice cream has been dished out in all those years, but the shop is determined to continue doing it, even in tough economic times. With the value of the coupon at about ten dollars these days, it’s less likely that a family would stash it away rather than cash it in immediately!

Mrs. Ruffatto has the opportunity to break her own “oldest ice cream coupon” record—she’s still holding onto one from 1980, when another of her sons was born.

If your appetite for quirky, interesting ice cream stories has kicked into gear, we’ve got links to all kinds of ice cream blogs you’ll enjoy exploring. Best of all, you won’t gain a single calorie! When you’re ready to enjoy some ice cream of your own, you might not have a decades-old ice cream coupon, but hopefully you can find some great local coupons online to help out.

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