Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dippin’ Dots - Could the Ice Cream of the Future Become a Thing of the Past?

Dippin’ Dots Bankruptcy

You’ve seen them at the mall, at the baseball stadium, on the street: Dippin’ Dots, the “ice cream of the future.” As delicious as these tiny sweet treats are, they’re becoming an endangered species due to financial difficulties. Problems with loans forced the Dippin’ Dots company to file for bankruptcy back in November, although it’s been able to continue running its franchises so far.

Does this mean no more Dippin’ Dots at all? Not necessarily. Bankruptcy in business doesn’t always mean that a company is shutting down; many times it just means that its ability to manage its money has been less than responsible. Lots of companies, such as Kmart and Sears, have recovered after filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 11, the type of bankruptcy that Dippin’ Dots obtained, allows the company to keep operating, but it doesn’t have to pay its debts to lenders until it gets back on its feet.

In fact, even if Dippin’ Dots did have to close down its stands, you could still enjoy this fun treat at home. That’s because now there is a Dippin Dots ice cream maker that you can buy. You can read our review on at our Dippin Dots ice cream maker page. Whatever happens with Dippin’ Dots as a company, you can carry on this unique tradition by making ice cream dots in your own choices of flavors and colors.

After Dippin’ Dots decided to file for bankruptcy late last year, it began looking for emergency loans to keep its loyal customers supplied with ice cream until it could start making a profit again. That’s the main trouble the company is having right now—getting lenders excited enough about their ice cream to front them some emergency money.

Maybe if these investors just tasted these tiny dots of frozen goodness, they would see what fans have known for years—Dippin’ Dots are definitely the “Ice Cream of the Future!” Hopefully, we’ll see this unique ice cream maker not only recover, but continue to grow and open more and more stands across the country. In the meantime…

All this talk about Dippin’ Dots has probably gotten you in the mood for some. If you owned the homemade ice cream maker, you could run to the freezer and have some right now! Don’t face this emergency again—make this cool Dippin Dots ice cream maker the newest of your essential kitchen appliances. As far as Dippin’ Dots are concerned, bankruptcy in business doesn’t have to mean you can’t satisfy your dot craving!

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